In collaboration with Les Editions de l'Appartement and the graphic designer Nicolas Claveau, Food For Your Eyes is happy to announce the launch of T2 collection, a new limited edition art publishing project. 

T2 is a printed objet, with photography and text. With each issue we are asking a photographer to team up with a graphic designer, as to produce a unique poster printed on a carefully chosen paper that fits the project...T2 is to be look at, to be read, to be hang on the wall, to be collected....We also organize events in several venues and places for the launch of our issues.

France based photographer Gregoire Edouard and Canadian born Elise Eskanazi for the graphic design, are contributing on T2 first issue. Photography critic writer Nathalie Belayche is the contributing  author.


T2- Gregoire Edouard - ref T2.O1


Poster A2 size ( unfold) + text on accompanying leaflet.  Printed on offset paper 60 g by InOcto Press (Montpellier, France)

Limited edition of 250 copies

Price : 15 euros (shipping fees not included) 

ISBN : 979-10-95171-XX-X

Available May 2016

***Early bird special offer*** 

Claim your copy here for advance price discount : 10, 00 euros (+ shipping)