Rock Your Dummy!  with Le PhotobookFest, Paris , Nov 2013

Food For Your Eyes presents "Rock Your Dummy!"  a curated  exhibition featuring self published photobooks in partnership with Le PhotoBookFest during a 3 days event on indie publishing, DIY and photobooks in Paris from 15 to 17 November 2013 at l'Ancienne Imprimerie/PictureTank, 19 rue Bisson 75020 Paris. 

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Le PhotoBookFest  program featured the following events : Photobook Workshop    with  Akina Factory , Photobook DJ sessions by Madrid PhotobookClub , Pop Up Bookshop and book signings with l’Ascenseur Végétal , daily talks with photographers and publishers ( Carlos Spottorno - The Pigs, Pierre Liebaert and Caillou Bleu editions, Mathieu Pernot and Le Point du Jour editions)

Food For Your Eyes and Le PhotoBookFest in collaboration with The Photobook Club network have launched Rock Your Dummy!  an open call for photobooks projects  to support and showcase the work of photobook makers from all over the world.

We thank all photographers who submitted their dummy, artist book, self-published book, photozine for the show. The amount of entries received  has been fantastic ( 120 submissions ) . The submissions came from France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, Israel, Russia, Azerbaijan Poland, Usa, Australia....

Congratulations to all shorlisted photobook makers ! This is the selection of independent and selfpublished photobooks featuring in Rock Your Dummy show :

  • Pascal Amoyel  - La distance des astres 
  • Zoé Beausire - Where The Birds Used To Sing
  • Emiliano Biondelli - Thunder
  • Verena Block - I Smell Like Rain
  • Mireia Bordonada Alvarez - " This is... "
  • Gerard Boyer - Ser de La Cala
  • Clara Chichin - Au lieu d'effacer en vrac les choses fragiles
  • D. Bryon Darby - Encountered Aircraft
  • Antonio Proença de Carvalho - It's About Time
  • Virginia de Diego - How am I supposed to heal if I can't feel time?
  • Marine De la Loge - I Heard Love Is Blind
  • Claudia de la Torre - Hubble
  • Dennis DeHart - Concentrate to the Quiet
  • Giovanni Del Brenna - IBIDEM
  • Alberto Feijoo - Something we used to Know
  • Ana Galan - V I V ( R ) E L A V I E !
  • Eran Gilat - Life Science
  • Nicolas GIRAUD - Jacques Chirac /  Haim Steinbach  (the great masters of art history with pictures of Jacques Chirac vol. 1)
  • Ilkin Huseynov - Muhit/ Milieu
  • Elena Kholkina - Did we ever meet?
  • Viola Korosi - I spy with my little eye, something beginning with...B.
  • Birgit Krause - Plánētes
  • John MacLean - Hometowns
  • Julien Magre - Le Cahier Vert 
  • Gen Matsueda - Red Hunting
  • Maycec - AiloleÏ
  • David McBride - The Anomalies
  • Andres Medina - Transito
  • Anna Meschiari - At Once
  • Alla Mirovskaya - Distant and Close
  • Michela Palermo - The Untitled Box
  • Daniel Piaggio  - Té de Reina
  • Irina Popova - Another Family
  • Rita Puig-Serra - Mama
  • Jana Romanova - Shvilishvili
  • Helena Rovira - Small Town South
  • Elina Ryzhenkova - Outer Layer
  • Valeria Saccone - Priroda, Operetta russa in tre atti
  • Estela Sanchis - The Neighbors
  • Arianna Sanesi - Dispersal
  • Michiel Spijkers - Nothing of me is original
  • Sandra Stein - Keine Ahnung
  • Cyrille Weiner - Ban des Utopies
  • Jagoda Wisniewska - Cherry Compote
  • Yusuke Yamatani - Tsugi no yoru e 

See the online presentation of photobooks shortlisted here

Elena Kholkina , Jana Romanova Ariana Sanesi and Birgit Krause have been selected by the jury and by the public as the finalists of Rock Your Dummy  /Le PhotoBookFest contest . Read more about the winners and their photobook