Photographers & Book Makers show at Nofound Photo Fair

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Installation view of Food For Your Eyes booth at Nofound Photo Fair. Thank you all for visiting us.

Food For Your Eyes gallery is open 7/7 online, feel free to enter anytime !

Food For Your Eyes booth was in a full swing during the 4 days at Nofound Photo Fair. The venue at Garage Turenne in the Marais district was friendly and human sized. Thank you to Nofound team Emeric, Yann, Sebastien and Nathalie for their warm support and fine selection. Special thanks goes also to Jose Pedro Cortes, Andre Principe, Antonio Julio Duarte and Morten Andersen who came from Portugal and Norway.Your support, your great work and your friendly presence make the 'Photographers & Book Makers' group show such a success! Actually the whole experience was exciting and challenging, especially to show for the first time in Paris photographic work by Jose Pedro Cortes, Andre Cepeda, Antonio Julio Duarte and Andre Principe. Photobooks aficionados knew their works thru the books published by Pierre von Kleist editions, but for many people who visit the fair they could have the chance to discover a selection of work in prints. The general idea behind Photographers & Book Makers is to choose few photographs that is the most representative of a photobook along photobook itself and special editions (or limited editions prints+ book). 

photo (4).JPG

A wall was dedicated to show a selection of limited editions by Paris based independent publisher RVB Books, with limited edition prints (and books) by Geoffroy de Boismenu ( Image System), Marina Gadonneix ( Landscape , The House That Burns Everyday), Ruth van Beek ( The Hibernators), Olivier Cablat ( Enter The Pyramid), Thomas Mailaender (Cathedral Cars). 


My photobooks table was way too small, so the display changed everyday. Clearly something that needs to be fixed for the next time!

Looking forward to present Photographers & Book Makers #2 !