KIOSK : self publishing, photographers, graphic designers, tapas



In conjunction with Boutographies- Rencontres Photographiques de Montpellier in April 2015,  Food For Your Eyes organized  KIOSK  a series of events focusing on artists books and the self publishing scene  from Montpellier and beyond hold at  the city contemporary art center La Panacée.

The idea is to create informal gathering where photographers, bookmakers, graphic designers, pubilshers and anyone interested in those matters could meet, talk, have a drink, discover new works and share projects...


Loic Thisse, photographer and founder behind Selektor Magazine came straight from Toulouse with his car  (full of Selektor) to take part to AperoPhoto&Tapas, a KIOSK' evening hosted at La Panacée Café. He did a slideshow presentation showcasing the work of Alex Cretey SistermansShane Lynam and Missy Prince , the photograpphers featuring in each three issues . 

Nicolas Claveau, a talentuous graphic designer and founder of the Montpellier based  publishing house Les éditions de L'Appartment was the guest of the next event.




A friendly crowd joined us for the presentations at AperoPhoto&Tapas. With the help of the fantastic Benji and Vlady from le Café de La Panacée who prepare for KIOSK  something special: photo edible tapas!