André Príncipe  

(1976) Lives and works in Lisbon

 Andre Principe is a photographer, filmaker and the founder with Jose Pedro Cortes of the Lisbon based  independent publishing house Pierre von Kleist editions.  

"We founded Pierre von Kleist Editions, a publishing company, devoted exclusively to photo books. The two of us are the publishing company. We are involved in everything, choosing the artists and the projects, commissioning work, editing, working with – or as – designers, coming up with money and occasionally publishing our own books." ( Andre Principe's interview with Many Stuff)

O Perfume do Boi (The Perfume of the Bull) is Andre Princípe’s latest book, shot during a three-month anticlockwise journey around Portugal’s borders. About the book, Príncipe has said "The Japanese five elements are, in ascending order of power - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void". This is the third Príncipe book in Pierre von Kleist. The first two books are sold out. All books are designed like classical music scores.

About O Perfume do Boi series " We are outside cities, out in the fields and woods, in small town circuses, with the lunatics and acrobats. The very strong narrative feeling comes with an equally strong suspicion that there might be no story. The photos of the animals and people combined with the natural elements, cause a sense of eminent danger and trouble. There is an aura of prophecy and myth, and in the end we are left with the echo of a cry in the night. "


A selection of original prints from Andre Principe three books published by his own imprint Pierre von Kleist editions,  Master and Everyone (2009), I thought you knew where all of the elephants lie down (2010) and Perfume do Boi (2011) is presented in "Photographers & Book Makers" exhibition. A Special Edition of O Perfume do Boi in 50 copies featuring a limited edition print is also available during Nofound Photo Fair.

O Perfume Do Boi book and Special edition. Published by Pierre von Kleist

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Andre Principe Biography   Born in Porto, 1976. Lives in Lisbon. Studied Psychology and Film. He has been exhibited regularly since 2004. Solo exhibitions at the Encontros de Braga, Centro Português de Fotografia, Galeria Fernando Santos, Silo. Collective shows in Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Barcelona and London. Published books include Tunnels, at Booth-Clibborn editions (2005), London, Master and Everyone (2009), I thought you knew where all of the elephants lie down (2010) and Perfume do Boi (2011) came out in his own Pierre von Kleist editions. . In 2099 he co-directed with Marco Martins, Traces of a Diary, a 16mm film shot in Japan with Nobuyoshi Araki, Daido Moriyama, Takuma Nakahira. The film was shown in competition in many International Film Festivals, like Indie Lisboa, New Horizons Wroclaw and Documenta Madrid, where it won the Honorary Jury Prize. Currently in post – production of Flamingo field without flamingos, a road movie shot in Portugal, produced by Som & Fúria.  UPDATE : New book by Andre Principe , Smell of Tiger Precedes Tiger published by Pierre von Kleist  is out